The endodontic department at Carisbrooke has been accepting referrals from dentists for many years.

The department accepts all non-surgical endodontics undertaken on a private basis including:

  • Complex anatomy
  • Curved canals
  • Sclerosed canals
  • Re-treatments

Surgical cases are not treated specifically by the endodontic department but can be treated by another specialist department at Carisbrooke, if feasible.

Please ensure the tooth referred for endodontics is a fully restored caries free tooth to obtain the best success rate. Remove any caries and restore it with a definitive restoration. If the tooth is vital and exposed please place a Ledermix paste dressing on cotton wool in the pulp chamber. If the tooth is exposed and non-vital place cotton wool in the pulp chamber and use antibiotics if the patient is in pain. If there is secondary caries under a crown please remove the crown to see if the tooth is restorable prior to endodontic treatment.

Patients are seen for a consultation and subsequent treatment and then returned to your care with all the relevant paperwork and radiographs. A cuspal coverage restoration is advised for premolar and molar teeth.

If you would like any advice please telephone at lunch time between 1.30pm and 2pm.