Dental Hygienist

Emily graduated from the University of Dundee in 2013 with a BSc in Oral Health Sciences and has spent the last ten years gaining experience in a variety of different private practices around the East Midlands.
When the opportunity arose to work with us in a specialist setting in 2019, she joined the team and has thoroughly enjoyed gaining the expertise and experience that wouldn’t have been available in a general practice.

Her passion is managing periodontal patients and preventative dentistry. Healthy gums are paramount for the stability and success of all restorative and implant dentistry. Emily empowers clients to improve their oral and general health by providing them bespoke advice and treatment to help them reach their goals and keep them.

With increasing evidence that links periodontal disease to general health conditions, like heart disease and diabetes, she is passionate about motivating clients to optimise their oral health.

Emily is part of our periodontal team and provides the non-surgical part of gum disease treatment and the supportive maintenance phase throughout the rest of their dental journey.

Outside of work she spends most weekends skydiving, climbing and spending as much time as possible out in nature (with a hefty amount of factor 50!).



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