Monica graduated in 2013 from Leeds Dental Institution as a Dental Hygienist & Therapist. During her time studying Monica researched the links between periodontal disease and obesity, and it was from this research project that Monica developed her keen interest in periodontal health.

As a dental hygienist Monica is passionate about ensuring her patients have superb oral health and always looks at the issues patients have in context, developing treatments for not just the symptoms, but helping to resolve root causes.

Monica is also an experienced Aesthetics Medical Practitioner and is deeply committed to the art of enhancing facial beauty through meticulous attention to detail with a relentless pursuit of excellence. Combining a profound understanding of both the science and artistry behind aesthetics, she specialises in delivering personalised treatments that not only elevate a patient’s appearance, but also their overall well-being.

As one would imagine, for someone who is so passionate about helping her patients have the perfect symbiosis of smile and appearance, Monica is constantly developing her knowledge and skills. By taking part in continuous professional development, learning how to implement the latest medical techniques and how to apply the latest technology, Monica’s patients can be fully assured of the success of their treatment.

A key part of Monica’s success is the way in which she develops her treatment plans in partnership with her patients. She prioritises clear and open communication, encouraging patients to actively participate in their treatment decisions. By fostering trust and understanding, she aims not only to enhance their physical appearance, but also to boost their self-confidence and overall quality of life.

General Dental Council Number: 175225


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