General Dental Practitioner

Silvia Hamer is a dental generalist with years of experience in a variety of dental fields.

Coming to us from Argentina, Sylvia brings her extensive experience of a wide range of dental disciplines to our dental team. Graduating from the University of Buenos Aires in 1989, Sylvia has continued her passion for education by completing a number of postgraduate courses in Restorative Dentistry, Prosthodontics and gained a diploma in Implantology from the University of Santiago de Compostela in Spain. Sylvia has even found time to share her wisdom and experience by lecturing at her alma mater helping to inspire the next generation of Argentinian dentists.

After marrying her English husband and coming to UK, Sylvia has worked in private dental practices, with a particular focus on cosmetic dentistry; an area that Sylvia has a particular passion for.

Using her wide range of abilities, Silvia is able to achieve impressive results for her patients, giving them a smile of their dreams.

General Dental Council Number: 76985


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