LMD Portugal, MSc (Gothenburg Sweden)

Specialist in Periodontics

Cristina is a GDC registered Specialist in Periodontics since 2003. She qualified as a General Practitioner in 1992 from the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Lisbon, joined the Department of Biomaterials as a junior lecturer/researcher and concomitantly built her own private practice dedicated to general dentistry.

During her early years in Practice, her special interest in Periodontology grew and led her to pursue a 3-year full-time post-graduate programme in Clinical Periodontology, with the distinguished Department of Periodontology, Gothenburg University where she qualified as a Specialist Periodontist in 2002 and defended her Masters Thesis in 2003 focusing on the effects of cigarette smoking on periodontal health in young individuals.

Having moved to the UK in October 2003, Cristina joined the Carisbrooke specialist Dental centre in 2004. She has searched for what she believes to be the “perfect combination” in her professional life: a committed clinical activity as a Periodontist, active involvement in education and developing and supporting (and learning from) her team of hygienists, GDPs and fellow specialists.

During also 2004 she held a position of Honorary Clinical Lecturer in the Department of Periodontology at the Birmingham Dental Hospital. In 2007, she co-development the postgraduate program “MSc in Clinical Periodontology” with the former Institute of Postgraduate DENTAL Education, now School of Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education (UCLan-Preston) and was the Course Leader between 2012 and 2016.

Over her 20+ years of experience as a specialist Periodontist, Cristina strongly advocates a highly tailored approach to periodontal treatment with focus on patient’s personality, individual problems and expectations, as she always says “we treat people not just gums/teeth…”, and as is almost always the case, in interdisciplinary approaches. She loves to keep the team cohesive, motivated, and updated.

With the privilege of following our loyal patients over the years, she understands that the effective control of bacterial biofilms over time is not enough if functional instability coexists. Advised by colleagues with a strong background in occlusion and rehabilitation, combined with the unfortunate increase of cases reaching us with great damage to dentitions’ support after careless tooth aligning techniques, now so widespread, motivated her to pursue a course in Interdisciplinary Orthodontics (FACE -Formedika San Sebastian, 2022-23) using the most advanced digital technologies available on the market for diagnosis and treatment planning, where a comprehensive diagnosis of TMJ (temporo-mandibular joint), dental/maxillary/skeletal discrepancies and occlusion (the way teeth come into contact) forms the basis for prescribed splint therapy, tooth movement and/or restorative/reconstructive treatment. Certainly, a significant consolidation in her way to diagnose, approach and treat her most challenging periodontal cases.

Cristina is passionate about her work and takes all opportunities to enhance her knowledge to better help her patients.

General Dental Council Number: 82693


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