Dental Hygiene referral services

Carisbrooke has a dedicated dental hygiene department that is intrinsic to the periodontal team. We are pleased to accept referrals to the hygiene department for a range of dental hygiene treatments as indicated below.

Prescriptions from referring dentists:

  • Indices BI/PI
  • Pocket charting
  • OHI
  • Scale and Polish
  • Root Surface Debridement of teeth requiring treatment
  • X rays enclosed

Following treatment we will refer the patient back to their general dentist for their regular dental examinations.

Protocol for new patients:

  • First appt 45mins, to include full pocket charting, bleeding and plaque indices, OHI, gross scale/polish
  • Second appt 30/45 mins, dentist to decide (this can be cancelled if necessary).
  • New patient pack from hygienists to include OHI literature and smoking cessation advice pack if required and available samples


Our aim is to educate and motivate patients to commit to lifelong oral hygiene and have found dedicated OHI sessions focus the patient’s attention on the importance of maintaining their regime of care. We feel that this is an investment in the patient’s long term oral health.

  • OHI session
  • HRP appointments
  • 30 min appointment (4/6 weeks)


  • When appropriate we will ensure that patients are booked in for 3 or 6 monthly hygienist appointments before leaving the practice.