At the Carisbrooke Dental Practice we are obsessed with process improvement, and in particular, those gains we can make to achieve less invasive procedures.

We recently invited Dr Setefano Conti from Sweden & Martina to our practice where he presented his B.O.P.T. (Biologically Oriented Preparation Technique) to our dental implant team.

B.O.P.T. is a very specific approach to preparing teeth so that soft tissues are able to naturally adapt to the desired prosthetic contours.

By using the technique a patient’s existing tooth can be prepared in such a way that not only is it less invasive for the patient, but helps to ensure the soft tissue is kept healthy and succeeds over time.

This innovative concept has fantastic potential with dental implants too, and this is an area we are keen to explore.

We would like to say thank you to Dr Conti for sharing his research with us and we look forward to implementing it.

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