Small Changes Bring Big Results


This is a fantastic example of how our specialist team can achieve amazing results with non-invasive procedures.This patient, who was suffering with gum recession due to previous problems and gaps in their teeth, now has a smile to be proud of.Our team helped to improve the patient’s oral health, improving the health of their gums reversing the gum recession, and through the careful placement of a white filling material, closed the gaps. Dr Fiona Phillips, the dentist caring for this patient says, “Marco Pierre-White would say perfection is lots of little things done well, and this is a great example of this. With a few small treatments, performed with care and consideration, this patient has benefitted from our approach to dental care”.If you would like to learn more about how we can help you to improve your oral health, improve your teeth, and help you to achieve the smile of your dreams, please get in touch – it might be easier than you think.