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I just wanted to say a special “Thank You” to Harvinder and his lovely assistant for looking after me yesterday on an emergency basis at Carisbrooke.  I had been in agony for several days with what turned out to be a shattered tooth.  I was able to arrange an emergency appointment at very short notice on a Saturday morning (yesterday) and Harvinder sorted out the problem brilliantly and I am now completely pain free.

I have been a Carisbrooke patient for more than 55 years and I cannot speak more highly of your practice. The quality of preventive dentistry is of the highest order and the practice continues to grow from strength to strength.  As one of my rare book customers (a dentist from outside Leicester who is a keen book collector) said to me: “Carisbrooke is where dentists choose to be treated”.


Dear All .
I wanted to drop you a quick email, to please pass on my thanks again for the amazing level of professional service I have received over the past two weeks.
Fiona was really helpful in seeing me at such short notice, and for helping and guiding me in the right direction. Mike managed to calm my nerves and somewhat cure my phobia of Dentists, and removed the teeth without any major pain.
Please pass on my sincere thanks to both, and their assistants.
Also, the front desk staff were so friendly and helpful, again please pass on my thanks.
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy and Healthy 2018.
Kind regards

Mr K. B.

When Karen first joined the practice in 2006, she was very nervous and in pain. She had large failing fillings, gum disease and a strong desire not to lose any teeth. To start with we needed to stabilise her mouth and at the same time build up her confidence. Her initial treatment was carried out with the help of oral sedation to calm her anxieties. We started slowly, the hygienist showed Karen how to maintain her teeth and carried out a whole of the mouth deep clean.

Karen’s confidence quickly grew, and as her oral hygiene improved her mouth became stable. She now felt able to have more complex treatments, an implant to replace a lost tooth and then decided to improve her smile with crowns on her front teeth.

Through having the right treatments done and a good maintenance program Karen’s mouth has been stable for some time. Karen knows that more work will be required at some stage in the future and she is aware that there are treatment options available. It is our job at Carisbrooke to try to help Karen choose the options that best suit her needs.


Patient A first attended Carisbrooke in October 2011 on the recommendation of her own dentist. She had received lots of dental work over the years but realised that her dentition was in terminal decline with several areas of infection and gum disease resulting in a number of loose teeth. She had existing bridgework that had failed due to decay and was now loose.

Without extensive treatment Patient A would undoubtedly have ended up with the loss of many teeth and the prospect of removable dentures.

In the first instance a stabilisation phase of treatment was carried out to remove any teeth that could not be saved and to treat areas of infection and gum disease. Temporary partial dentures were fitted during this phase and a number of visits with one of our hygienists was required.

Once Patient A’s mouth was healthy and disease free we were able to formulate a number of long-term treatment options. Patient A wanted fixed teeth and therefore implant treatment was the only solution and was carried out in addition to providing a number of crowns for her existing teeth, and building up her worn lower front teeth. This extensive treatment plan took approximately 14 months to complete, and I am delighted to report that patient A now has her smile back, with a pain free and healthy dentition.

Patient A

A gentleman who had fractured an upper front tooth off at gum level and did not want to wear a denture or have his adjacent teeth, which were largely unrestored, prepared for a conventional bridge.  He was particularly apprehensive about having impressions taken of his mouth as he had a heightened “gag” reflex.


It is two and a half years since I referred myself to Cristina at Carisbrooke following a personal recommendation. Like many people I’d taken my teeth for granted then suddenly woken up to the risks looming from gum disease. So it’s so fantastic to be able to say that with Cristina’s enthusiastic and holistic approach and meticulous attention to detail and advice from Hilary I have a Whole new sustainable smile. Thanks so much for your excellent friendly teamwork.

Mrs P Smith

I used to be really tense about dental appointments despite having an excellent dentist in Lincoln. The noise and all the dental apparatus used to really terrify me.
This all changed when I was referred by my dentist to Carisbrooke for serious gum treatment with Jose. You can’t fail to be won over by the lovely victorian premises and the friendly, accommodating and professional reception staff. And this is just the start! Jose is kind, considerate and supremely competent at his job. I live abroad and he was very accommodating in fitting my treatment into as few appointments as possible. Sherry his assistant was so understanding too. I enjoyed Jose’s work so much that I went on to have two super pain free implants with him! During my gum treatment Hilary, the dental hygienist, took me under her wing and is so gentle, kind and efficient when I go for my six monthly cleaning appointment. Then I was set loose on Fiona to sort out my teeth! Fiona the dentist is a bundle of energy, explains everything and is a sheer perfectionist in her work. She takes as much time as is needed and is very encouraging.
It may have taken Carisbrooke some time to sort out my relatively serious problems but now thanks to all the staff involved in my treatment I have teeth that I am really proud of and a much more confident smile.

None of this could happen of course without also Linda who painstakingly sorts out my appointments.
Thank you very much to all of you and keep up the excellent work!

Sally T

I found help given to me by Sherry Mee your Treatment Co-Ordinator was totally caring and professional. I feel the position is invaluable and Sherry is an asset to Carisbrooke.

I was apprehensive when I attended the appointment as I knew in the future I was going to need an implant and I found it all a scary thought.
Sherry put me at ease and was clear with her explanations, I felt cared for and looked after, she kept me informed during my appointment time and even contacted my own dentist for me.

On a personal note I was very emotional on the morning of the appointment as I’d had some personal problems the night before, Sherry was empathetic and did her very best to make the time at my appointment as easy for me as possible.

Mrs D
Market Harborough

I have no difficulty in writing a testimonial regarding the Carisbrooke Practice and, indeed, look on it as a privilege.

In all the time that I have known this practice and its participant practitioners I have enjoyed the certainty of continuing professional support, advice and close co-operation. In recommending this practice to my patients I am completely confident that they will always receive ethical treatment of the highest standard and be assured of the most up to date technology and techniques.

In addition, despite the practitioners’ specialisation, they obviously function as a team ably supported by a fully integrated and trained staff of receptionists, nurses and technicians. All referrals and patient enquiries are always dealt with efficiently and with consideration

What better endorsement can I give to this practice than to add that I, too, chose Carisbrooke for my own dental advice and treatment and, bearing in mind my own experience, have no hesitation in continuing to refer my patients for specialised advice and treatment.

I would want to wish them every success for the future.

Dr J D Farr

In the eighteen years I have been using Carisbrooke services, I have had the knowledge and pleasure of having my patients treated by what I consider to be one of the best qualified teams in the country. From the initial contact with their friendly reception staff to the final letter from the treating surgeon everything is run professionally and smoothly.

It is gratifying that I can send patients, many who I have treated for over 25 years, in total confidence that they will receive the best treatment for them and I will be kept informed throughout the course. In the event of any query I can contact them by telephone to discuss an on-going case or even discuss a case I propose to refer. All the team are helpful and very generous with their time.

Patients are also kept well informed with comprehensive and detailed treatment plans and estimates. They have plenty of time to discuss their needs and expectations with the dentist I refer them to. This time is well spent as it adds to the overall satisfaction patients express to me when returned to my care. Also if a patient has any queries following treatment, there is no difficulty in them being seen again and the problem sorted out. This placing of the patient’s interest first thereby obtaining total trust from the patient is I feel very important with any specialist referral practice.

The advantage of having a first class in-house technical back up cannot be underestimated. I feel the quality produced by their dental technicians right through the spectrum of complexity is excellent.

If a patient finishes treatment feeling that they have had the best treatment carried out by a well qualified and dedicated team then you have a happy patient. This is in my opinion the strategy that serves Carisbrooke well and sums up the Carisbrooke approach.

I have always felt privileged to have Carisbrooke in my area and it’s a pleasure seeing my patients when they return to me, to admire the work they have had done. All the dentists in my practice have no hesitation in referring their patients to Carisbrooke.

Len Dentith

I always receive unfailing courtesy, professionalism and helpfulness from the reception staff, hygienists and dentists at the Carisbrooke Dental Centre. The treatment is always fully explained, as are the options available. There is never any pressure to proceed should more complicated treatment be considered. Excellent.

Mrs F

Dear Fiona

I wanted to thank you very much for your excellent work on my teeth. Some people might prefer to buy shoes or clothes, but I know my teeth are twice as beautiful and will outlast them all.

I never thought I would love and cherish my own teeth so much, but I want to keep them looking as lovely as the day you finished work on them. They are my pride and joy, and I know no matter what else is happening in my life, I have fantastic looking teeth.

I have been your patient for a few years now since moving to Leicester, and I hope to stay that way for many more.

Ms H

So very pleased with my new upper denture.
It is amazingly comfortable and I am hardly aware it is in my mouth.
Job well done Thank you Fiona

Mrs L

During my treatment to have implants in my upper jaw and indeed the follow up, I have experienced a professional and caring approach at all times.

At all stages both the procedure and the costs involved have been clearly explained to me, making my experience much easier to manage.

I would recommend Carisbrooke Practice and in particular Neil Millington, and have done so.

Mrs P Tate

My Dentist advised me of the Carisbrooke Dental Practice when I asked his advice about having dental implants after years of dental problems and my next step being dentures if I did nothing about it. He knew of Mike Hodgsons work and spoke very highly of him.

I made an appointment at Carisbrooke and never looked back, leaving there on the day of my consultation I felt overwhelmed and more than slightly terrified by the amount of work to be done, but confident and happy with the people I had just met.

In the months that followed I received extensive treatment, which was amazingly painless and not in the least bit terrifying, I even looked forward to my visits.

The end result was a ‘fantastic’ set of teeth, I cannot speak highly enough or thank Mike, his team and all the people working hard behind the scenes. It has changed my life and I will always be grateful to Carisbrooke and everybody involved.

All I can say to anybody considering having dental implants is go for it – you won’t regret it.

Mrs A Flint