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Study Club – Dr Neil Millington Presents Clinisept+

11th February 2019

Study Club – Thursday 28th February 2019 – 6:30pm for 7:00pm Start

“Clinisept+ Revolutionises Anti-Bacterial Treatments”

In an age where conventional antibiotics are decreasing in effectiveness, it is the responsibility of all dental practitioners to develop strategies to reduce our dependence on these highly critical resources.

At the Carisbrooke Dental Practice we are always seeking ways to improve patient oral hygiene, particularly during pre and post surgical procedures, and we are pleased to share with you results of our latest discovery – Clinisept+

During our next Study Club (Thursday 28th February 2019 – 6:30pm for a 7:00pm start) we will be sharing our experiences of, and the science behind this highly effective antibacterial, antiviral and anticandidal mouthwash, Clinisept+.

We have been assessing the effectiveness of this new mouthwash over the last 6 months and have been incredibly impressed with the results.

We have been using it as a pre surgical prophylactic mouthwash, for irrigation of extraction sockets, for post surgical mouthwash and as part of routine oral hygiene around teeth and implants.

It has also proved to be the most effective treatment we have found in the relief of discomfort and preventative flare ups in patients suffering from erosive lichen planus and other “sore mouth” conditions.  Not only is it more effective than Chlorhexidine but it does not result in sensitization and allergic reactions that have been seen with Chlorhexidine.

Nearly all patients prefer it because the taste is better, does not persist throughout the day, and causes no staining.

We have been so impressed with Clinisept+ that we expect it to replace the use of Chlorohexidine within our practice.

During the evening Ross Walker, Commercial Director of Clinical Health Technologies Ltd, will be on hand to discuss the history of this antibacterial disinfectant, its development and uses in medicine, and why he feels it has such great potential especially in an age of decreasing effectiveness of conventional antibiotics.

Free samples of Clinisept+ will be available for all participants.

We look forward to welcoming you to this study evening. Drinks and canapes will be available from 6.30pm and we aim to start the presentation at 7pm.

Please RSVP to or telephone 0116 270 7030

*** Dr Neil Millington has been researching the effectiveness CliniSept+ in his surgical procedures for the last 6 months, during which Clinical Health Technologies Ltd have provided samples of CliniSept+.  Clinical Health Technologies Ltd have also renumerated Dr Neil Millington for his time. ***