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Welcome to Dr Andrew Flett

12th March 2019

Carisbrooke Dental Practice are delighted to welcome Dr Andrew Flett, Consultant Orthodontist, to our team of specialists.

Bringing an extensive range of skills and experience, Dr Andrew Flett is available at Carisbrooke to take referrals for patients with straight forward or complex orthodontic needs.

Coming to us from Nottingham University Hospitals, Dr Andrew Flett has an impressive C.V. in the field of Orthodontics, and has specifically treated malocclusions such as:

  • Early interceptive treatment
  • Comprehensive Orthodontic only treatment 
  • Multi-disciplinary orthodontic treatment involving restorative treatment (Bridges implants and white filling build ups)
  • Multi-disciplinary orthodontic treatment involving surgery to align impacted teeth 
  • Multi-disciplinary orthodontic treatment involving jaw surgery (orthographic treatment) 
  • Orthodontic treatment with mini screws
  • Limited objective orthodontic treatment

If you have patients with complex orthodontic needs, and would like to make a referral to Dr Andrew Flett, please contact us on

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