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Facial Aesthetics – A New Treatment Concept

12th December 2021

Carisbrooke Specialist Dental Practice has always been at the forefront of dental treatments. From our innovative dental implants through to our total oral health package we have always sought to provide both patients and referring dentists with the absolute pinnacle of health care.

We are therefore rightly proud of our latest healthcare offering – Facial Aesthetics.

Facial Aesthetics is a portfolio of treatments that are designed to take our dental and health care to the next level. Perfectly complimenting our team approach to dentistry, facial aesthetics takes delivering the perfect smile beyond the confines of the mouth.

Delivered by the award winning Dr Julia Coelho, our portfolio of facial aesthetics are carefully planned to enhance the overall appearance of a patient and help deliver a smile they can be proud of. Utilising an indication-specific treatment concept, patients can be reassured that all procedures are non or minimally invasive, whilst delivering truly outstanding results.

Dr Julia Coelho explains, “My approach is to first determine the patients’ concerns, then I formulate which modalities need to be combined to achieve efficacious results. 

Facial changes due to aging require treatment concepts that target various aspects that are beyond the scope of what one single product or technology can achieve. Therefore, combination is key.

Finally, I advise and implement the sequence and timing of targeted treatments which are precisely individualised to each patient.”

Whether you want to look more refreshed, improve the quality of your skin and texture, restore and replace volume, recontour and harmonize your face and smile, we are here to help. 

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