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Dental Implants – Smiles Guaranteed

6th October 2020

What’s better than Dental Implants? Dental Implants that are guaranteed!

Carisbrooke Dental Practice has been at the forefront of Implant Dentistry for over 25 years, helping to pioneer many of the techniques now used across the industry. Our team have always performed exemplary implant dentistry, with thousands of happy patients, however we are always seeking new ways to improve our service.

We are therefore extremely pleased to announce that all our dental implants now come with a 5 year discretionary guarantee. This guarantee shows total confidence in all aspects of our work, and we hope that it assures patients contemplating dental implant surgery.

Dr Neil Millington and Dr Mike Hodgson who have been fitting dental implants for a combined total of almost 50 years had this to say about our new discretionary guarantee.

“Carisbrooke Dental Practice has long been a centre of excellence for Dental Implants. We have invested heavily in research, development and technology to ensure that our implants last. From the early days of 3D CAT scans, through to today where our NaviDent system provides absolute precision at the tip of the implant placement, our patients‘ care, wellbeing and happiness have always been our number one priority. Our new 5 Year Guarantee shows our absolute confidence in our surgical techniques, and ultimately, ensures that patients are relaxed and happy when undertaking such an amazing life-enhancing procedure.”

As you would expect with such precise biological engineering, the success of dental implants depend on the care taken after the implants have been fitted and restored. Careful cleaning, checkups and sensible precautions all help to ensure the long term success of our dental implants. However should a implant fail despite the correct maintenance and care we will be more than happy to correct this.

There are certain exclusions to our warranty, such as “fair wear and tear” which you can read more about in our terms and conditions (follow the link here to read the full T&Cs). However, to summarise, if a patient has taken care of the implants with regular and proper clearing, received regular professional dental care, and not undertaken risky activities that could adversely affect the success of the implant, our guarantee is valid for 5 years from the date of restoration.

If you are thinking about dental implants and the life enhancing benefits they bring, then please get in touch, we can’t wait to help you achieve a “guaranteed smile”!

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